The Wytches dark storm fell all over Preston

Publicado originalmente en SensesMag

It was a cold, drizzle night in Preston. Probably, the perfect background curtain for a The Wytches gig. The Brighton-based band made a stop into their UK tour to fulfil The Ferret with their distinctive dark energy. Suddenly, the storm was happening inside the venue.

It was a sold out event. That means almost 200 people ready to enjoy the music of one of the most promising bands in Britain. After his first reference was released, ‘Anabel Dream Reader’ (2014), the trio has been described as “psychedelia painted in black” by The Guardian. Reminiscences of Nirvana’s Bleach album on their sound are inevitable as well.

With the venue full packed, The Wytches opened their Preston’s showcase with ‘C-Side’, a new song where band showed their new addition: an organ. The instrument expands their roundness, giving them a new dimension.

Following, instant classics as ‘Wide at night’ or ‘Gravedweller’, both from their album debut, were recognized by the crowd, which started to move furiously. A mosh-pit appeared on the dancefloor and things went more intense with ‘Wasteybois’.

Then it sounded ‘The holy tigtrophe’ and, later, ‘Summer again’ calmed the mood again, preparing the audience for the big end with ‘Robe for Juda’.

As soon as the last note was played, the band left the stage without muttering a single word. An abrupt end which forms part of the band’s ethos. The end of the storm.

The Wytches were supported by Baby in Vain, a noise rock trio from Denmark with female vocals and grunge attitude and local band Moon & The Beams, who played a 60’s psychedelic rock and roll.

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